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JC Logistics Group provides specialty services that include International railway transport, International multimodal transport, Cross-border transport, Inland transport, Cargo tracing, Door-to-door logistics, and so on.

JC Logistics Group specialists at more than 7 operational service routes also can assemble pre- and post-carriage logistics options, including cargo handling, warehousing, distribution and customs clearance.

Operating routes, including solutions across China through:

  1. Manchouli to Baikal, connected into Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, the Baltic States.
  2. Alashankou to Druzhba (Doestock Station), connected into the five Central Asian States, Afghanistan.
  3. Eren to Zamyn Uud hub, linked to major areas of Mongolia.
  4. Suifenhe to Geluojiekewo hub, linked to the Far East of Asia.
  5. Tongjiang to Lieningkeve, Heihe to Blagoveshchensk, Raohe to the Gold Coast to the Far East.
  6. Pingxiang, linked to major areas of Vietnam

International railway transport

Domestic railway transport

Multimodal transport

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